Garvin Theatre

Garvin Theatre

PlayFest Santa Barbara is January, 2014!

The Garvin Theatre Complex, is located on Santa Barbara City College, West Campus on the 800 block of Cliff Drive, Santa Barbara, CA. For directions, click HERE.

The Garvin Theatre overlooks Santa Barbara Harbor.

The 400 seat Garvin Theatre during construction. November 18, 2011.

The newly renovated Garvin Theatre.

Jurkowitz Theatre

With a seating capacity of 106, the intimate Jurkowitz Theatre, was recently remodeled to improve the theatre’s function, aesthetics and comfort. A new orientation and addition of an entry vestibule gave the theatre a more prominent identity within the existing Garvin Theatre complex.

The addition of an acoustic sliding door provides easy access from the scene shop to stage area. The new comfortable upholstered theatre seats have been arranged to provide optimum viewing angles, meet ADA requirements and provide easy access for the entire audience.